DVees Chapman Drink

Popularly known as the Sangria of West Africa, Chapman drink is a non alcoholic cocktail originated in a country club in Lagos Nigeria; Ikoyi Club. It is a refreshing citrus flavoured sparkling drink with an infusion of hibiscus, a dash of blackcurrant and a hint of aromatic spices. 

We spent countless hours trying to recreate our childhood memories of days spent by the poolside of Ikoyi Club eating flamed grilled strips of peppered beef (Suya) and and drinking ice-cold refreshing Chapman. It’s been a long journey but we are finally here and excited to share them with you. We still remember the day we tried the winning Chapman recipe, it felt like we had won an Olympic gold medal.

With shouts of joy and teary eyes, we celebrated, hi-fived and hugged each other. The recipe was finally here and we all approved.

In 2017, we were featured in Vogue’s summer issue

Our Journey to Chapman