Our Journey

DVees has grown and evolved over the years and we are so grateful for the humble beginnings. Mainly because it brought us to where we are now.

We started off baking in 2012, we love baking, we really do. We are passionate about yummy homemade cakes that have been carefully sugar crafted. We love baking so much that one of our founders baked and decorated her own wedding cake. Yes, we are that passionate!

Our baking led to the launch of our food blog; Our love affair with food. We got a lot of positive feedback from family, friends and strangers, who encouraged us to start offering a fine dining service. We launched our very first website and started offering a fine dining service. We partnered with a supper club and one of our founders became the head chef for a short period.

We love chapman and often made some at home and for family events and gatherings, everyone loved it and requested we attend their events with a jug or 2. We love feeding people and we did so happily. One of our brothers (Vona’s husband) celebrated a landmark age and we planned the event. Of course, we made the cake but we did something unusual, we decided to bottle the chapman and gave them out as party favours to our guests. That was the beginning of DVees as we know it today. It changed the way we saw our business and we started thinking products!

We have tried a number of products and services over the years and we are in love with our journey. The one thing that has remained constant is our love and passion for food and our desire to promote fine West African food. We have taken out a few products from our portfolio and streamlined our offerings. Click here to see more about Our Products.


Our journey has taught us a few lessons, most of which have shaped our business today.

  • Being an entrepreneur is a journey, your business and ideas will continue to grow and evolve. Do not get stuck on one thing because the best brands evolve over time and embrace change easily.
  • Passion gets you started but determination keeps you going.
  • Start where you are, you have enough to get you started.

We have a lot more but these should get you going for now. Enjoy and never be too afraid to try!

Lots of love, DVees


Chapman in a punch bowl

Our very first bottled chapman

Our first set of condiments

Another bottled chapman attempt